Petrol in the veins

Discover a place where Porsche 911 and Porsche 356 vintage cars come to life!

Vintage cars are not merely an investment or toys for big boys, they represent a passion, enthusiasm and admiration for the work of 1950s, 60s and 70s constructors and designers.

Guiding every single person interested in restored vintage cars through our kingdom is something beyond our capabilities. However – we have decided to at least set about guiding your friends, colleagues and acquaintances around our workshop in pre-arranged visits, accompanied by none other than Vehicle-Experts owner himself - Florian Scheuer.

Duration: 2 Hours
Minimum /Maximum number of participants: 7 / 20 persons per group
Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:30a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Language: German, English, Hungarian, Slovak
Price: 7,00 EUR per person

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We look forward to seeing you.
The Vehicle-Experts team

The bodywork shop

Some might say that a car is merely pieces of metal. Our bodyworkers have a totally different opinion on that. Working with sheet metal - repairing damaged body parts, welding, grinding and treating every damaged part is like writing a story. The old story has almost ended, but in their hands it can continue. Their share of the work on restoring cars starts with the preparation of the entire body for sand blasting, i.e. removing the old paint and rust and finish by applying protective injections before sending the body to be finished.


Getting your hands on a vintage Porsche and actually being able to hold every single one of its screws is the work of our fitters. It’s something akin to Lego – with the only difference being that it’s  Lego for adults, and everything has to be taken apart before it can be put back together. After the complete dismantling of a car it is necessary to sort all the parts and move them further in the right direction.


Individual parts of the vehicle are restored and handed over to colleagues who piece by piece and very carefully re-assemble the respective masterpiece. Each part has to be in top shape – otherwise the final result will be tarnished. This requires dozens if not hundreds of hours of work. This is how we give an almost sixty-year-old beauty a new lease of life. Before receiving the right finish, the cars are once again taken out on the tarmac where the characteristic roar of the PORSCHE boxer motor can be heard.

The paint shop

Every car ever made has its very own "birth certificate", upon which -  in addition to all the necessary technical information -the original colour of the vehicle is stated. Many of our clients more often than not know what their dream car should feature and what it should be. Maybe simplicity is the order of the day - take a can of paint, spray gun and it’s "painted". The opposite is true – the colour is very significant. Painting veterans is an art, an art that is nigh on unfeasible without putting one’s heart into it.

The engine shop

The soul of a car is its engine for sure. Transmission setup and the engine, the repair or replacement of damaged parts and then adjustment of the amount of fuel injected, the correct ignition value – all this is the work of our engine technicians. Everything has to fit together and work like an orchestra to provide the finest symphony for veteran fans and others alike. This sound is a beauty that every driver knows when they turn the key in the ignition and put their foot down. Our experts hear this music first on the engine table, then later in the car itself.

The upholstery

The engine must work, the bodywork is something everyone notices immediately, but the interior of the car is no less important. Old-timer’s are made distinctive and unmistakable by their interiors - seats, seat covers, the dashboard cover, carpeted floors and door trims. Everything has to be exactly the way it was a number of decades ago when out beauties left the production hall. All of this falls under the competence of our upholsterers. With every stitch, every contact with the skin the interior breathes the unique character and elegance of years past.


Each auto needs that proper care in order to function as best and as long as possible without problems. And this applies in particular for restored classic cars, which have a nice few years behind them. In our workshop your oldtimers will find professional care and service and not only after each driving season.


Everything in the workshop works like a well-oiled machine. Without stable background this would not be the case. The strings are pulled behind the scenes by our girls from the administration department who deal with orders, invoices, payments, drinks and things only they can recall and resolve.


Today, perhaps more than ever, there is the need to have not only a great product, but one people hear of. Not only from websites and social networks, but via means of us opening up its doors to our workshop, as no one has ever done before. Our mini team has already breathed in the smell of oil, elegance, style and passion as everyone else has.


The value of restored cars lies precisely in the fact that as many of the parts and components as possible are original or derived from the respective year of production, and simply put – are still out there somewhere. We know how to find the existing ones, how to transport them and use them and us them. If you have ever looked for a needle in a haystack, you may well understand the work performed by our colleagues from logistics.

Behind the scene /Otto & Florian

Everybody would like to be the boss – it’s all simply handing out tasks and doing nothing yourself… Our workshop chief knows that that is one very incorrect preconception. Being the first in and last out at work, knowing his people and using their skills, standing in for anybody – that is his everyday reality. But being part of something that you can be proud of is a feeling that is priceless. For all the effort during many hours restoring old-timers he enjoys the feeling of victory when he sits in a renovated car and takes the first test drive. 


Ferdinand Porsche said that nobody actually needs his cars but everyone wants them. That's what I like most about my job - doing something to please people, something they like - and believe me: everybody does a double take with cars like that. My success, however, is not just my own. You know how it goes: every boss is like a trainer: he has to know how to set up his team and find ways to work with them. That’s the only way to progress. Therefore Vehicle Experts is not just Florian Scheuer. Vehicle-Experts is my entire team, their passion and their sense for high quality work.


Being in the right place at the right time with the right car looks simple, but believe us: It takes a good dose of steadiness and sometimes even courage. Because hauling a car that the owner has waited for more than a year for - sometimes even a lifetime – sometimes for thousands of kilometres without any harm coming to it and handling the emotional pressure is truly challenging.