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And again, its Christmas

As our Santa, who is a big Porsche fan anyway, drove this year an extra mile to bring joy to the people he experienced some fun. To see what his trip was about … watch the video.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Vehicle Experts team

CLASSIC EXPO Salzburg 2018 is over!

Dear oldtimers fans, enthusiasts, Porschists. In the one of the most splendid cities in Austria, in Salzburg took a place oldtimers exhibition CLASSIC EXPO.

As usual, we were hardly preparing for our stand. First time we introduced you our new stand design. You know, the amazing Porsche oldtimer did not used to look like after thousands of hours of work. Therefore, we brought to Salzburg also the classic car before the restoration process. 

We are really glad that lot of visitors came to our stand and left us their oldtimers. Thank you for your trust and see you in our workshop Vehicle Experts or next year in Stuttgart!

Have a look at couple of photos from CLASSIC EXPO Salzburg 2018.

Your Vehicle Experts team
356 I 911 Manufaktur

One of the biggest Porsche 356 meeting in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, from September 6th to September 9th!

Only a few kilometres from Stuttgart, the 43rd meeting of Porsche 356 takes a place, early in September (from 6th to 9th). You can admire the amazing design of Porsche 356 in the whole city – in Schwäbisch Gmünd. On Saturday, more than 250 oldtimers will start off the city, drive across the Baden-Württemberg. The Porsche veterans cannot miss the visit of the world-famous manufacturer of seats - Recaro.

We have to be there, not be square our restored Porsche 356 will hit the German roads again.

The trip to Schwäbisch Gmünd is always worth of it, but especially the second weekend in September.

Have a look at couple of photos from Porsche 356 meeting.

Discover a place where Porsche 911 and Porsche 356 vintage cars come to life!

Vintage cars are not merely an investment or toys for big boys, they represent a passion, enthusiasm and admiration for the work of 1950s, 60s and 70s constructors and designers.

Guiding every single person interested in restored vintage cars through our kingdom is something beyond our capabilities. However – we have decided to at least set about guiding your friends, colleagues and acquaintances around our workshop in pre-arranged visits, accompanied by none other than Vehicle-Experts owner himself - Florian Scheuer.

Duration: 2 Hours
Minimum /Maximum number of participants: 7 / 20 persons per group
Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:30a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Language: German, English, Hungarian, Slovak
Price: 7,00 EUR per person

To book your excursion, please contact

More info

We look forward to seeing you.
The Vehicle-Experts team

MOTORWORLD Classics Bodensee - May, 25th to 27th, 2018!

Veterans, oldtimers, classic cars – cars with history are still very popular and they still hit the roads.

If you have missed RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart, do not be afraid – another amazing oldtimers event is coming! At the end of the May will MOTOR WOLRD Classics takes a place in Bodensee, Germany.

There are 12 halls and more than 800 exhibitors for all classic cars fans.

We look forward to seeing you from May 25th to 27th in Bodensee, Germany, in Hall B1, Stand 213.

Your Vehicle-Experts team

Amazing trackday BURN YOUR FUCKING TIRES 2018

Usually the weather in April is unpredictable, but on April 9th on track SLOVAKIA RING was fantastic! This year were registered for trackday BYFT more than 35 new cars and 6 oldtimers.

The speed was high, the sportscars were pimped out and we burnt the tires. Again. Even our classic cars were not ashamed. PORSCHE 911 and 356 hit the track and caught the eyes of all visitors.

It was pleasure to see again excellent coaches - Lenny Marioneck and Martin Uthberg - who drove with the track beginners and of course, our oldtimer couch Richard Kaan who did not stop all day long.

Have a look at the amazing atmosphere during trackday BYFT2018.

Have a look at fantastic video #1 and video #2.

Vehicle - Experts team

RETRO CLASSICS 2018 in Stuttgart from our point of view!

Still in the same city, in the same place, but always different. This year, we introduced our visitors not only completely restored PORSCHE 911 and 356 oldtimers, but also what they look like during the restoration process.

We look forward to meeting you at RETRO CLASSICS next year in Stuttgart!

Photos from the exhibition of veterans and classic cars you can see here.

Vehicle- Experts team

Vehicle-Experts again on track SLOVIA RING!

Attention, attention!

A very important date for every fan, lover, enthusiast of race and street car with a light weakness to Porsche brand.

On April 9th we will test your tires and quality of SLOVAKIA RING track during BURN YOUR FUCKING

TIRES Trackday.

You are welcome, you are invited, just register here and see you!

We are looking forward seeing you

Your Vehicle-Experts team

RETRO CLASSICS Stuttgart 2018 is here!

March 22nd – March 25th!

It is the largest exhibition of oldtimers and classic cars in Europe. The atmosphere, history of cars, the

pure beauty – this is what you can find on RETRO CLASSICS.

And of course, the art of the masters from car workshops. Without their skills, passion and thousands of

hours we cannot imagine the veterans in such a great condition.

We strongly recommend you to visit RETRO CLASSICS Stuttgart, we will be there for sure!

We are looking forwards to seeing you in Hall 3, stand E54 from March 22nd to March 25th!

Your Vehicle-Experts team

Vehicle-Experts helps again!

Every single year we have been thinking about how much attention we could give to our customers

at Christmas time. We all could be at the bright side of life, but someone need our help. To have

beautiful things including dream vintage car can come true.

So, we have decided to do something good for the really needy people and to deal with their wishes.

For each view of our video we will send 2 cents to We help until December 26 th


We wish you very merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Vehicle-Experts team

Trackday Burn your fucking tires successfully done by Vehicle-Experts!

Click for the gallery HERE.

Click for the video HERE.

Trackday Burn your fucking tires successfully done by Vehicle-Experts!

As we had promised to burn your tires, we did it. More than 25 cars were on track SLOVAKIA RING! Friday the 13 of October was really lucky day for us – amazing weather, unforgettable fun and everyone drove carefully. We said “goodbye” to season 2017 with pretty high speed.

It was our pleasure to see Lennart Marioneck on the track. He couched drivers who were interested in. Also, Martin Utberg came from TOP SPEED and people could watch us in more than 40 countries worldwide. For non-drivers we prepared Oldtimertaxi and Racetaxi. 

Next year we are prepared to burn your tires again – on April the 9th at SLOVAKIA RING!

Click for the pictures HERE.

We are looking forward seeing you (and driving as well)

Vehicle-Experts team

1000 visitors came to see the spectacular theatre in Vehicle-Experts workshop!

Almost everyone came - ladies, men, boys, girls, Christmas sponsors 😊 We opened our workshops gate for second time, the guest Could see our new paint shop , touched the currently projects and talked to Vehicle Experts guys.

The weather was amazing, the pimped-out racecars from Friday. In the afternoon came the "Ladies" - Rolls Royce, charismatic Volkswagen Beetle, Maserati, iconic Mustang and many others veterans.

To hold an oldtimer's driving wheel is about passion, life style and state of mind. We are really proud to be part of this.

Click for the pictures here.

Vehicle-Experts team

Vehicle Experts Open Day - 14th of October 2017!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Christmas sponsors, classic car fans – this year once again you will have the chance to grasp a peek behind the scenes in our "theater grande" in Mosonmagyaróvar, Hungary! From 11.00 a.m. you will be able to enjoy the souped-up beauties that came to take a spin on Friday the 13th of October during our first Trackday at SLOVAKIA RING.

Beauties restored to their original state, our entire team, great food and fun – and of course – YOU! The right combination for a pleasant day – at the Vehicle Experts workshop, Barátság utca 35, Mosonmagyaróvár.

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Vehicle-Experts team

Vehicle-Experts at SLOVAKIA RING for the first time!

"Burn your fucking tires" Trackday - October the 13th!

A day rich in experiences where everything is possible, but nothing is obligatory! For all enthusiasts, horsepower fans and vintage car lovers, our first Autodrome Trackday" - in collaboration with Rush Challenge and European Vintage cars - is currently under preparation.

From racing cars to pimped out road racers, we’ve got it all covered. And by the way, we will try to bring along all generations of "our" favourite Porsche brand for his special day. Come along and see .... as a driver or a spectator!

To some it may indeed be the end of the 2017 season; to us it’s plain and simple FUN!

Vehicle -Experts has a brand new video!

We proudly presents a piece of our work and passion.

We do not just restore classic PORSCHEs.

We turn back time.

For the video click HERE.


Vehicle-Experts team

When the past meets the future at SLOVAKIA RING!

No matter when your car was born, Vehicle-Experts team goes to SLOVAKIA RING!

Come and join us!

More information coming soon.

Vehicle-Experts at SLOVAKIA RING!

SLOVAKIA RING is a professional and versatile complex for all who are interested in sports cars, fast rides and amazing vehicles. We are really glad to be there and be a part of the PORSCHE team. Our elegant 911 ladies had fast and furious life over, but the guests could drive with them on public roads nearby. As we saw on their faces, it was fantastic experience for them. We would like to thank to PORSCHE team for a nice day.

For more pictures click HERE.

Vehicle-Experts team

We are going to Pannonia-Carnuntum Historic-Rallye!

We are going to be a part of Pannonia-Carnuntum Historic-Rallye at the end of the May, from 25th to 27th.  We are driving our amazing sand beige Porsche 911S from the year 1967 with another 280 drivers as well. Unique roads in Austrian Burgenland and Hungary are going to be driven. We are looking forwards for these beautiful days as well for the historical cars fans. 

The program is HERE


Your Vehicle-Experts tím


Stuttgart RETRO CLASSICS 2017

 Just like every year, our Vehicle-Experts team was ever-present at the Stuttgart Retro Classics Exhibition - the first exhibition of the year and the one that sets the trend for both future market developments, and for which vehicles are to become the most sought-after over the subsequent 12 months.


See our stand Here.

The colour is very significant – we have our own paintshop!

Our expectations to quality standard are well known on the market. And in respect of time we needed to have another paintshop ON the spot which gives us more flexibility. 
All high-end paintings will be done here

RETRO CLASSICS Sttutgart, March 2nd - 5th, 2017

It is the largest oldtimers’ exhibition in EUROPE. We are really working with passion, therefore we started to prepare immediately after previous exhibition. For a year we are restoring, planning, ordering things necessary for our stand in Stuttgart. Finally, a couple days before exhibition, the truck is coming to our workshop, pick up 5  breath taking ladies and get on the road.


We are looking forward seeing you at Retro Classics, Hall 3, stand E54. And for everybody out our FB profile and Instagram.


Vehicle – Experts team

We helped to Plamienok, childrens hospice

We do believe in the fact, that people can only do their best while loving what they do. There is no other way. And this is the reason why our customers believe in us. They know we responsibly take care of their cars and do the best we can.


And as we work on luxury items and most of us are having a life without major health problems we decided not to send Christmas presents to our customers, but supporting families who really need help. This year we have decided for a project called Plamienok which is a children’s hospice. The people there do their job the same way we do. Responsibly caring and full of passion. We are happy to help.



Florian Scheuer & Vehicle-Experts team

Vehicle-Experts 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For the video click HERE

So similar and different yet

This is „our twins“. I have been working with cars with history, but I have never experienced something like this. I found two cars Porsche 911 from the year 1967 and as I read their certificates of origin, they left production hall at very short time. One beauty is in original condition with own beautiful history, the second one is innocent – she is reconstructed.


I like watching them as well as I like driving them.


Look at them also - so amazing beauties!  Click for the video HERE.


Florian Scheuer & Vehicle – Experts team

Vehicle-Experts Open Day successfully done!

A little bit in stress whether everything will be ready, people will come, weather will be nice. Finally

was everything amazing thanks to you, our visitors, PORSCHE classic cars, fine food and sunny day.


We opened the door of our workshop, showed the whole restoration process and our Vehicle-

Experts team had so much spoken as never before.

All of you could see that “working with passion” is not a phrase in our meaning. It really



Click for the pictures HERE, for the video  HERE


Team Vehicle-Experts

Opening day in Vehicle-Experts new manufactory!

24.9.2016 between 12.00-18.00
Barátság utca 35, 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary
Porsche oldtimers restored & unrestored and much more relating to Porsche! Refreshment and Porsche debate!

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Vehicle-Experts Team!

RETRO CLASSICS Stuttgart 2016

This year, the 16th RETRO CLASSICS won the hearts and attracted the attention of experts and consumers once again, and was able to maintain its leading position in one of the greatest European classic car exhibition. More than 90,000 visitors from Germany and abroad visited Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre.


„Vehicle-Experts took part in Retro Classics as exhibitor for the fourth time”, says founder Florian Scheuer. This years exhibiton surpassed all our expectations. Attendance of international visitors increased and most of the asked potential customers already own oldtimer which is surprising us in all positive ways.“ 

New video on TopSpeed

We are happy to announce that the video that was recorded by the team of slovak TOPSPEED has been released and you can watch it HERE. Our founder Florian Scheuer narrates a story of a fascinating Porsche 911 from 1966 that was renovated in our workrooms of Vehicle-Experts.

Road trip to High Tatras with Porsche Slovakia

Company Porsche Inter Auto Slovakia invited us for a road trip to High Tatras during the second week of September. So beside the newest models of Porsche, the enthusiastic Porsche admirers were also able to drive two of our oldtimers, a Porsche 356 from 1956 and a Porsche 911E from 1969, to make this road trip even more exciting. You can check the video from this roadtrip HERE. Behind the scenes pictures HERE.


Vehicle-Experts team!

We came, we saw, we won!

Our Retro Classic Stuttgart 2015 stand featuring two reconstructed veterans and five renovations in-waiting caught the attention of the organisers and earned us the Best Stand award!

You come to a veteran exhibition where each of the exhibited cars has its own history, story and success. Visitors are not even distracted by the beautiful hostesses – if you have seen more than two veterans next to each other, an unbelievably beautiful woman was probably standing next to the third and you didn’t even notice her. You can only draw interest with a great idea or concept. And that’s exactly what we did, as confirmed by the organisers and visitors.


The Vehicle-Experts Team

RETRO CLASSICS Stuttgart 2015!

Retro Classic Stuttgart was a great success for us, - having planned and prepared everything a good year in advance – and suddenly after four days it’s all over. But we are happy that it was worth the effort. We featured 2 reconstructed beauties for visitors – a Porsche 911 and a number of as new veterans.

Try to imagine that you are at an exhibition where everybody undertakes to present the most perfect and most authentic cars, and then somebody comes along and exhibits an un-renovated car, even featuring the original dust on the bonnet!

It was not our aim to shock, but merely to draw attention to the sheer quality of our work – and it paid off.


We are already making plans for Retro Classic Stuttgart 2016.


The Vehicle-Experts Team


We have shot a video for TOP SPEED!

One March weekend - when the weather was finally suitable - the Slovak TOP SPEED team paid us a visit. We opened our workshop and garage doors to them and we chatted about our passion for old cars that have experienced unbelievable things.  The video is specifically about restored legends, Vehicle Experts are the ones behind the scenes of these wonderful stories. The video will be available soon.


The Vehicle-Experts Team

The TOP SPEED video is now out!

We are thrilled that the video shot by TOP SPEED Slovakia at Vehicle Experts can now be seen HERE. In the video you will see how our beautiful 911 undergoes a demanding facelift and how rusty pieces of sheet metal are transformed into an irresistible road beauty. Welcome to our Vehicle-Experts workshop.