Total renovation

The restoration of classic automobiles is our passion, and we have been doing it for more than 10 years now with German precision. Together with you we will plan the overall course of the restoration, which lasts approximately 12 months. During this time we regularly inform you about the status of your oldtimer, share a number of photographs with you and you can even come to our workshop at any time look it over.

Partial renovation

If you own a classic automobile that requires only partial renovation, our team is also available to you. A team of specialists trained exactly on your model will evaluate the state of the oldtimer and together we can then agree with you on to what extent we will renovate the vehicle.

Stopped / interrupted renovation

Even with the best intentions it can happen that someone you trusted is unable to complete the renovation of your classic automobile. On the basis our long years of experience even such so-called “box projects” are no problem for us. Since we have all of our services under one roof, such projects represent a challenge for us, a chance to prove our professional knowledge.

We’ll find you a car and we’ll renovate it

Not every customer is clear about which model Porsche would be the most suitable for him. In such a case we are obviously available to you; we advise, help and in many cases with a little luck we are able in the end to even arrange a trial ride in the automobile of your dreams.

Replacement parts

Our team is made up exclusively of specialists, for whom working with the best knowledge and awareness of your vehicle or finding missing parts is primarily an “affair of the heart”. Our passion is for classic automobiles; we burn for oldtimers, and we always have a sparkle in our eyes with the arrival of a new oldtimer to the workshop. We fully understand if you feel the same way yourself. If with a restoration you are only lacking the opportunity of procuring the necessary replacement parts, you can also turn to us for this.